General info about DJHS Math Forum

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General info about DJHS Math Forum

Post  Cassidy Wang on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:04 am

This is the DJHS Math Forum. Ask questions and we'll get you help from qualified students also here at Jerome.

For general questions, post in the category corresponding to your class. We also use a point/reputation system on this forum. If someone responds with something particularly insightful or has given a complete, thorough, and well-detailed response, give them a positive vote (which will credit them +1 "points"). The more points a user has, the more reputable he/she is.

For more specific questions or face-to-face help sessions, Private Message (PM) a Skype-able staff member to request a specific date and time (see list of students for details). After a Skype session with a staff member who has helped you, please visit the "Forum Staff" topic in the "Welcome" forum to rate his/her help. This will allow us to gain feedback and allow others to see who they may want to ask for help. Average help ratings are updated at least twice a week.

Formatting a Skype request:
Subject: Skype session
Message body (be sure to include the following):

  • Name
  • Math class
  • Month, day, and year of requested session
  • Projected time of requested session. Include start time AND predicted end time. If the student who is helping you has another person to help right after your projected end time, the session will be stopped at the projected end time to stay on schedule. Your tutor should tell you around the beginning of the Skype call when he/she has another appointment scheduled.
  • Skype username

Here's a short video tutorial to help you get started with the forum (view in 720p for best quality):

If full screen isn't working on the embedded video, watch it on YouTube.

Edit: You can now find Skype-able staff members' schedules on the forum calendar.

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